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Robot cells with 4 CNC machines for automated production of rotor shafts for electric motors

Shaft drives for electrical motors

We manufacture high-precision shafts for you with grinded bearing seats cost-optimized on an automated production line.

In addition to two robot units and an inline measuring device ViciVision MTL500, our production cell for shaft production consists of the following interlinked systems:

OP10: Haas DS-30

OP20: Haas ST-20

OP30: Haas VF-2

OP40: Studer S36

Our shaft manufacturing capacities range between Ø 19 and 46, with shaft lengths between 150 and 500 mm.

It is also possible to shrink-fit a pinion into the shaft. For this purpose the shafts are removed from the process by the machine operator after OP20. The machine operator manually shrinks the pinions into the shaft and then feeds them back into the series process.

We’ll gladly create an offer based on your drawing specifications.