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LEAX gear reducers for materials handling

For more than 70 years our thinking has revolved around materials handling transmission solutions. Our focus is on continuously developing our concepts in order to get your ideas going in the shortest time possible. Our core competence is the production of planetary gear reducers, because these feature a particularly high power density thanks to their compactness and light weight. We will also supply you with spur gear reducers, worm gear reducers and bevel gear reducers – depending on your special needs and requirements.

Your mobile application actuates our creativity: Whether forklift trucks, cleaning machines, motorised wheelchairs or classification technology for rail-based traffic – your projects are in good hands with us!

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Drives for materials handling devices – GB1433

Our GB 1433 wheel hub drive is available with traditional direct current (DC) technology.

Specifications GB1433 – DC
Voltage 24 V


0,75 kW

Drive torque

max. 280 Nm

Wheel diameter

240 mm

Gear ratio

i = 30,5

Wheel load

max. 10 kN

Braking torque

8 Nm

Drives for materials handling devices – GB1304

This drive was designed for handling net loads of up to 2 metric tons and is available with a regular direct current (DC) motor or optionally with a low-wear three-phase motor. The hardness of the blade tracking may be adjusted to your specific application environment (e. g. wet floors).

Specifications GB1304/9 GB1304/13 GB1304/13L GB1304/20
Ratio 25,6 25,6 31,3 25,6
Motor type Series-wound-
Series-wound Series-wound Series-wound
Power 0,9 kW 1,3 kW 1,3 kW 2,0 kW


24 V 24 V 24 V 24 V
Brake 20 Nm 20 Nm 20 Nm 20 Nm
Drive speed 100 rpm 125 rpm 85 rpm 75 rpm
Wheel diameter 270 mm 270 mm 270 mm 270 mm
Speed 5,08 kph 6,36 kph 4,32 kph 3,81 kph
Wheel load max. 1300 kg max. 1300 kg max. 1300 kg max. 1300 kg

Drives for materials handling devices – B106

The perfect small load drive for low weights. It is applied, for example, to motorised wheelchairs, golf carts or motorised wheelbarrows.

Specifications B 106
Motor type Permanent magnet motor
Power 0,12 kW
Voltage 24 V
Current 6,5 A
Transmission type Worm gear reducer
Gear ratio i = 38:1
Wheelbase a = 33 mm

Gear reducers for hydraulic motors – GB1315C

This gear reducer is employed for example in road construction for applying asphalt. A conventional hydraulic motor, e.g. Danfoss A2FM32, serves as the drive. The type of chain wheel used makes it suitable for increased radial loads. The housing is specifically optimised for tensioning the chain.

Specifications GB1315C
Motor connection suitable for motor Danfoss A2FM32
Gear ratio i = 20,5
Drive torque M1 = 96,7 Nm (at 200 bar;
Gear design for 6000 hours)
M1max = 120,8 Nm (at 250 bar;
Gear design for 150 hours)
Output torque M2 = 1982 Nm (at 200 bar)
M2max = 2476 Nm (at 250 bar)
Drive speed nan= 2558 - 3717 rpm
Radial load via
chain wheel FR
25264 N (at 200 bar)
Oil type ISO VG 150

Gear reducers for hydraulic motors – P5-25

This planetary gear reducer with integral gear ratio is fitted for the installation of a Danfoss hydraulic motor. It can be used for a variety of possible applications in vehicle technologies.


Motor connection suitable for: Danfoss OMP / OMR, and the subsequent models OMP X / OMR X.

Specifications P5-25 P5-25 V P5-25 VA
Drive shaft ø 60 mm ø 65 mm ø 65 mm
Output torque 1100 Nm 1500 Nm 1500 Nm
Brake no no yes

Data sheet P5-25

Data sheet P5-25V

Data sheet P5-25VA

Special gear reducer for materials handling applications: Bevel planetary gear reducer

This gear reducer drives a cable sheave and is installed underfloor between rails in order to move railway cars or rolling stock.

The characteristics of this gear reducer, such as long service life, adaptation to low temperatures and easy maintenance, make particular allowance for the requirements of railway environments.