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Individual gearbox solutions for food and beverage industry

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Environmental Technology

Our decanter gear boxes are used in diverse wastewater treatment processes. They offer an important contribution to the sustainable treatment of sludge and help, for example, municipal wastewater companies cut costs by thickening sludge and thus reducing the volume of waste. Our gear solutions can also be used to recover raw materials from wastewater.


Food and beverage industry

Shutdowns in the production of easily perishable foods must be avoided, from an economic as well as ecological perspective. When developing customised gear boxes for the food industry, we clearly focus on the specific hygiene requirements and safety aspects as well as great reliability.

As experts for special gear boxes in the food industry, we develop solutions for the following areas of application,
in close cooperation with our customers:

  • Meat industry
  • Bakery industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Beverages industry
  • Production of vegetable oils

Our special gear boxes for the meat industry are fused in cutters to produce sausage meat, for example. Our decanter gear boxes are often used in the dairy industry, in separators that extract fat. Another area of application is the production of vegetable oils: Here, our gear boxes are used for the separation of solid particles.

We have many years and a wealth of experience in the development and production of decanter gear boxes, offering systems within the torque range of 100 up to 80,000 Nm with balanced housing components and inner gear components. The decanter gear boxes are designed according to customer requirements: as single- or multi-stage planetary or eccentric gear boxes, optionally with rolling or friction bearings.