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Your specialist for gear engineering

We drive the success of our customers through the design, individual adjustment, and manufacturing of first-class gear boxes for a wide range of applications.

Our company has held a reputation for quality and expertise in gear engineering for over 70 years. We’ll gladly stand by your side and offer advice during each phase of your project, from idea generation up to design and all the way through to assembly, with a subsequent test and inspection run.

Are you looking to just have several gear components manufactured by us? We’ll gladly offer our support and advice here as well.

Our gear boxes are, for example, used in the rubber and plastics industry as extruder gears, in separators for food and non-food industries as well as in hydraulic motors for conveyor technology.

Overview of the application areas of our gearboxes

rubber and plastics industriy

LEAX planetary gearboxes of the LPG series for the rubber- and plastics industry

Part of the drive system in smoothing machines for producing crystal clear plastic sheets Read more …


Materials Handling

Wheel hub drives for FTS and floor conveyors

Planetary gearboxes for mounting on Danfoss OMP motors and various wheel hub drives. Read more …


Food and Beverage Industry

decanter gearbox Type GBD500 for foodindustry

Special gearboxes for the meat industry and decanter gearboxes for solids separation Read more …